Baby Dedications

What we believe.

It is the common desire of Christian parents that their children come to know Jesus and choose Him as their Lord. Here at Harvest Christian Fellowship, we believe that baby dedication is simply a way for the church to come alongside parents in this hope and pray a spiritual blessing over a child. We believe that salvation and baptism must result from a conscious, informed decision to believe, therefore baby dedication is not equivalent to salvation. However, we also believe that parents, family, and a community of believers coming together to pray over a child can have a spiritual impact on the child’s life.

How Do I Dedicate My Child?

In order to dedicate your child at Harvest, you must meet the following requirements:
1. You must be a member of Harvest.
2. You must be living a lifestyle according to the scriptures.
3. You must complete the questionnaire, found via the link below.

We want this to be a holy moment in the life of your family and the information on the questionnaire that follows helps us prepare for this significant occasion.