Pleasing God vs Pleasing People

Mar 17, 2024    Anthony Longoria

Join us for part eight of our series, Sonship, where we learn about the tension of pleasing God and pleasing other people.

Discussion Questions:

1. In which area from the list below do I struggle with pleasing people, and how does this affect my life?

- I am preoccupied with what other people think about me.

- I have a hard time saying “No,” to people.

- I complain about being too busy.

- I am overly sensitive to criticism.

- I often avoid conflict and difficult decisions.

2. What is the root of the pain that drives me to find my value in people pleasing? Identify it and lay it down at the feet of Jesus.

3. How does having confidence in my sonship or daughterhood as a child of God change the way I live life? The way I interact with others? How I view myself?